"Do Not Discard!"

Join this bionic grandma in her battle against "the wrinkled years."

"Do Not Discard!"

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The Best Laid Plans Can End Up in a Ditch

I received an email from a friend our age. He wrote, “I had a plan for that day. I took my kitchen timer into the bathroom and set it for 35 minutes.  The time was 5:15 p.m. I wanted to be shaved and showered by 5:50 p.m. and I made that time. “I got dressed in my best Sunday going-to-church Read more…


WE HAVEN’T GOT THE TIME TO WASTE Have you ever seen some of today’s fashions and thought “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that?”  Well the thing is we might be because who knows when an angel will be tapping us on the shoulder with a ticket to somewhere. And what is available in the stores wasn’t designed with us Read more…