"Do Not Discard!"

Join this bionic grandma in her battle against "the wrinkled years."

"Do Not Discard!"

Month: October 2019

The Best Laid Plans Can End Up in a Ditch

I received an email from a friend our age. He wrote, “I had a plan for that day. I took my kitchen timer into the bathroom and set it for 35 minutes.  The time was 5:15 p.m. I wanted to be shaved and showered by 5:50 p.m. and I made that time. “I got dressed in my best Sunday going-to-church Read more…

Trying to Live on a Diet Goats Would Love

I NEVER ENVISIONED IT WOULD BE SO HARD. For nearly three months I’ve tried to create a diet just for me, to meet my temporary (I hope) medical and nutritional needs — no more than 50 mg of cholesterol a day (no meat, eggs,   cheese and most dairy)  about 1200 calories a day (to prevent adding pounds) and high protein Read more…