"Do Not Discard!"

Join this bionic grandma in her battle against "the wrinkled years."

"Do Not Discard!"



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The world is going crazy. I think it’s because everyone is wearing their jeans too tight constricting blood flow back to the brain and smoking too much party pot clouding reality. And too many people in our country are non-educated. I use “non” because what they are learning is nonsense — like Northwestern University’s new course “The Unsettling Rise of Whiteness,” for those majoring in Hate.

And too many other people born and bred in our country are Swiss-cheese educated. Their education is full of holes of the things that matter — knowledge of our history, how government works and their responsibilities as a citizen of the USA. Middle schoolers and high schoolers really need to take a citizenship test to move on and up. And those who have already moved-on ignorant . . . they need to bone-up on history’s lessons on their own. When you’re ignorant you can easily be sold anything from counterfeit computers to fake news.

My grandkids in Massachusetts went through school with straight A’s and into college never being taught how to write cursive among other skills. Of course next to them I am totally illiterate in i-phone. But there is something to be said for being able to walk a slower road and learn from all your senses not just the beep of an incoming text or a lesson via your computer screen.

The rules of life are simple. Right is good. Wrong is bad. Winning and
accomplishment are to be celebrated with humility.  Losing and underachieving means get back to work and try harder.

The Golden Rule says it all: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Where did that silly idea come from? Oh . . yeh. It’s in that book too many of us think about only on Christmas and Easter,  recorded in Matthew 7:12, and Luke 6:31 as told by that guy with long hair and forgiving eyes — Jesus of someplace. What he says must be true because he seems to be the only one throughout history who continues to be crucified over and over again by angry and jealous souls. They keep trying to erase Him from our lives day after day after day with mean-spirited lawsuits and terrorist attacks.

How is it that so many people in our own lives and millions around the globe don’t understand the simple rules of life?  “Stupidity” has become a choice. Seek out the daily news on a TV station not in bed with a political party — hard to find but you’ll learn what’s really going on in our country.. And it is startling.  

Thank God for Easter. It is a reminder of the world’s greatest truth. And the toll of a church bell, an Easter lily in the window or a simple cross on a colored egg keeps the Easter bunny in his rightful place.