"Do Not Discard!"

Join this bionic grandma in her battle against "the wrinkled years."

"Do Not Discard!"

Post Covid It’s a New World

Post-Covid it's a new world

Don’t Be Afraid of “Woke”

WOKE IS LIKE SEX. IT’S ALWAYS BEEN AROUND, some using it more to their advantage than others. “Woke” by definition is simply the awareness of social injustice.

I’m old. But I’m woke— woke to the shenanigans going on in our cities and towns, deliberately orchestrated to reduce beautiful communities into streets of rubble and fire. The enemy twists the emotions of our susceptible with a history turned fiction, encourages guilt over the hard-earned success of our immigrant parents and grandparents and promises  payouts more reliable than any lottery ticket

The truth that none of us want to believe is there is a new species slinking through our streets trying to seize and destroy our American values, views and culture. It has infiltrated our grandchildren’s classrooms and strives to hijack their minds with the manipulation of our American history and our human rights given by God and long defended with the blood of our ancestors.

The enemy has many faces because like a parasite in a creepy Stephen King novel it infects the body through every naïve orifice and slithers to the brain where it sets up camp, composing chaos from within its programmed host.

We can’t see it but we can recognize it from the actions it initiates from within those thousands it has already infected— on our streets with the encouragement of lawlessness, in our boardrooms with their bowing to political untruths, in social media with the selective assassination of free speech and even people, and within the White House with the country-crippling Executive Orders and lackadaisical appointments of other affected individuals.

Without action we will leave behind all those we cherish to lives of encroaching bondage, less freedom and little hope. We have worked so long and hard to make a better world before we leave it. Many of our friends and family have spilled blood fighting to ensure our freedoms.

Too soon you and I will be gone. I figure that’s what the enemy is counting on. We’re old and tired and therefore of little consequence. I say the enemy is underestimating us. We are of value no matter our years or mobility.

I remember the difference between right and wrong. And if I have to I can fight — with golf club, rolling pin and a huge dog with big teeth, not to mention other possible weapons which power-hungry politicos may soon try to ban.

Let’s, you and me, band together for a return to decency. I’m in Connecticut. Where are you? How are you faring? Are you safe? Has lawlessness come to your doorstep yet?

Decency embraces justice but decency is NOT a racial issue. It is knowing the difference between right and wrong and enforcing it.

If you’re so inclined drop me an email with your thoughts and fears. None of us need be alone. 


A New Rescue Has Rescued Me 

A delightful mix you’ll meet her soon

A New Day, New World, New Challenge

I’M BAAAACK.  WELL, ACTUALLY I NEVER LEFT BUT WAS ZIGZAGGING my way through life evading the COVID-19 virus. Living alone with my service dog it was not too difficult to remain alone and safe. Bare-faced we took our daily walks with happy anticipation. And then my Prancer, my best friend, died.

He was healthy and happy until two weeks before that awful day. Then at a guestimate of 12 years (he was a rescue) it was time for him to leave me and my world turned wet with grief.

I don’t know what the actual statistics are but most people keep dogs solely as pets. A very small number of us are blessed to bond with our special canines on a deeper level and they become true companions, helpmates and best friends in furry coats. Prancer was all that and more— more loyal, dependable and protective than any mortal, ex-husbands included. And so it was a hard introduction to true loss.

That was in October and while I was grieving my country began to collapse like a pile of pick-up-sticks—not from the virus as horrific as it was, but from a nefarious infestation of the three no-no’s every mother tries to teach her child to avoid —Lie, Cheat and Steal. And all our lives are changing . . . again!

Wonderful cities I had yet to visit (and now never will) were plundered by mercenary misfits gleefully poisoning the delectable ethnic stew that is America, adding hate and craftily planned division. Riding the coattails of familial grief, they added torch, loot and maim to the vocabulary of our grandchildren. For the benefit of who?  

As I type, Covid-infected invaders are being bused and flown from our southern border north and dumped unannounced in communities across America to ensure the continued spread of the Covid Virus. By who? For the benefit of who?

Our very Constitution and all the freedoms we grew up with are under attack from treasonous pseudo-saviors pretending to act in our behalf. Some of you reading this post probably gave them their power by your vote. You were hoodwinked. For the benefit of who? 

Our beautiful language is being bastardized. The kettle on my stove is no longer black, but a kettle of amplified pigmentation. And I am no longer a grandmother, but a postmenopausal-person-with-progeny-begot-of-offspring. Soon Loreal will be ordered to scrap all racist blonde shades and a bill is sure to be passed outlawing sensible shoes.  What’s this old lady to do? 

Now, more than ever, a chuckle is needed— to forget for a few moments the horrific political cancer that is being orchestrated from within against our beloved country —a little story to escape into, and, when discovered, a truth to relate. Truth is out there, but not on the nightly news, in our few remaining newspapers, or on social media. They have all betrayed us. So cancel them and boycott their advertisers.

 Modern-day media practices only half or twisted truths— for personal and political gain. I know what a real journalist is. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I worked a lifetime perfecting my skills as a real journalist, an objective reporter of the “old school” who felt a responsibility to the public for Truth. Our breed is almost extinct now, except for a few lone wolves on radio, Fox News on the telly and this old bird.

Sometimes you have to laugh . . . to keep from crying. But as I read  recently in an AARP cartoon, “Old birds have strong wings.” So stay with me and read on.


I’d love to hear from you.   AuthorDo-Not-Discard@Charter.Net