"Do Not Discard!"

Join this bionic grandma in her battle against "the wrinkled years."

"Do Not Discard!"

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Life’s Little Surprises

I GOT THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE TODAY. I went in for an x-ray to test the strength of my bones. It’s been years since I had one and being a pro-active soul, I wanted to know how this old gal’s skeleton was doing.  I come from a family of un-broken bones and I fall all the time without injury, Read more…


PRODUCTS  AREN’T MADE FOR THE LONG HAUL — ARE WE? The vacuum cleaner blew up today in a flash of fire and a cloud of smoke.  I’ve been wrangling with it for the past month — not picking up the dog hair and leaving dirty streaks on the carpet. I thought it was the bag and replaced it twice. I’ve Read more…